PURAX Hand Antiperspirant

PURAX Hand Antiperspirant

PURAX Hand Antiperspirant - perfect against hand sweat

Does this sound familiar? You have sweaty hands and you have to shake hands with someone. A conceivable bad start in the subsequent conversation, the damp hand print does not leave a good first impression with the conversation partner, one distances oneself subconsciously.

PURAX Hand Antiperspirant addresses this precisely and helps the user by sealing the surface of the skin on the hands. The application is very easy to carry out in a few seconds and the hands are sweat-free.


  • Stops hand perspiration and gives a safe feeling in everyday life
  • Easy application by a hand foam
  • Sufficient for up to 200 applications
  • Seals a skin surface on the hands
  • Helps against viruses and bacteria
  • Cares for the skin on the hands

Dry hands - simple application

PURAX Hand Antiperspirant is used when necessary. Rub the hand foam between your hands until they are dry (about 30 seconds). PURAX Hand Antiperspirant is very easily absorbed into the skin and the hands feel clean and dry.

Effective protection against perspiration and bacteria

PURAX Hand Antiperspirant seals the surface of the skin on the hands, so that they remain dry. Moreover PURAX Hand Antiperspirant fights bacteria and viruses in the hands and provides nourishing substances that give a velvety, dry feel.

Advantages of PURAX Hand Antiperspirant

  • Dry hands shortly after the first application
  • No other toiletries are necessary
  • PURAX Hand Antiperspirant seals the sweat glands
  • 50 ml is sufficient for about 6 months (about 200 applications)
  • It provides additional protection against bacteria and viruses

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